NSV needle valve controller

Combined with the temperature controllers of the TP and VARIO series needle valve-control NSV and pressure measurement system DMS can be visualized through existing temperature controller. With this development, we set the standard in terms of ease of operation. NVS is optionally available with end position control and can be used irrespective of the hot runner manufacturer. Please view/select the options in the table down below.

Name / Description

ZonesSize: WxHxD (mm)Weight (kg)
NVS 44341x260x2508
NVS 88341x260x2508
NVS 1212341x260x2508
NVS 1616341x260x2508
NVS 2020341x345x25012
NVS 2424341x345x25012
NVS 2828341x345x25012
NVS 3232341x345x25012

The main features:

  • Compact add-on device
  • for 4 to 32 zones in steps of 4
  • 24V DC control mechanism
  • Operation via hot runner control devices
  • Flexible visualisation

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