Coiled Heaters

Coiled heaters powered 230V and available with or without thermocouple (type J)
NameD (mm)L (mm)Watts (W)Thermocouple
CH.08.70.210870210type J
CH.16.60.2901660290type J
CH.16.60.4001660400type J
CH.16.80.4001680400type J
CH.20.50.4502050450type J
CH.20.60.4502060450type J
CH.20.70.4502070450type J
CH.20.80.4502080450type J
CH.20.50.5002050500type J
CH.20.60.5002060500type J
CH.20.70.5002070500type J
CH.20.80.5002080500type J
CH.20.80.7002080700type J
CH.20.90.7002090700type J
CH.20.100.70020100700type J
CH.22.40.4502240450type J
CH.22.50.4502250450type J
CH.22.60.4502260450type J
CH.22.70.4502270450type J
CH.22.80.4502280450type J
CH.24.130.60024130600type J
CH.24.140.60024140600type J
CH.24.150.60024150600type J
CH.24.160.60024160600type J
CH.28.200.1400282001400type J
CH.30.20.3503020350type J
CH.30.30.3503030350type J
CH.30.40.3503040350type J
CH.30.50.3503050350type J
CH.40.30.4004030400type J
CH.40.40.4004040400type J
CH.40.50.4004050400type J
CH.40.60.4004060400type J

* Available custom production according to your dimentions.

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