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De-Scaling Units

• Compact and Portable • Safe and Easy to Use • Maintenance Free • Integral tank for safety and convenience • Translucent Tank to monitor cleaning fluid performance • Descaling fluid safely contained at all time • Flow reversing: manual or automatic • Full range of cleaning products available

De-Scaling Powder

Kalkloser P is used to remove limescale from flow heaters, heat exchangers, boilers, hot water devices, pipes, coffee machines, dishwashers and washing machines and other devices. Kalkloser P can also be used as an environmentally friendly cleaner for reverse osmosis and UV units.

Neutralizing Powder

Neutra is intended to neutralize used solvent, particularly before discharge into the sewage unit, as well as to increase the pH value and neutralize acidic sewage from pickling shops, demineralization units and decarbonization units.

De-Scaling Liquid

Limescale does not have to be a problem, neither aesthetically nor hygienically, neither in pipes nor on surfaces. It removes extremely stubborn soiling such as limescale, mineral deposits and, in certain cases, rust, oxidation, and heat tinting. Cleans stainless steel, steel, aluminum and plastic. VOC-reduced, free of phosphate, hydrofluoric acid and NSF-certified.

Corrosion Protection Liquid

The low foaming corrosion protection is a product suitable for universal use in parts cleaning. Mix with water or detergent while stirring thoroughly. Amine-based, non-hazardous, no VOCs in accordance with CLP regulation, free from mineral oil, nitrite, secondary amines and phosphorous compounds, FAD-free and no boron.