Connection Сables

Connection cables for mould with hotrunner system any length and any connection socket type. If there is nothing fits your application please contact us and we offer you cable you need.
NameTypeSocket (pins)Length (m)
Combined cable 24/3, M+FHeating+TC243
Combined cable 24/4, M+FHeating+TC244
Combined cable 24/5, M+FHeating+TC245
Combined cable 24/6, M+FHeating+TC246
Thermocouple cable 24/3, M+FTC243
Thermocouple cable 24/4, M+FTC244
Thermocouple cable 24/5, M+FTC245
Thermocouple cable 24/6, M+FTC246
Heating cable 24/3, M+FHeating243
Heating cable 24/4, M+FHeating244
Heating cable 24/5, M+FHeating245
Heating cable 24/6, M+FHeating246
Combined cable 16/3, M+FHeating+TC163
Combined cable 16/4, M+FHeating+TC164
Combined cable 16/5, M+FHeating+TC165
Combined cable 16/6, M+FHeating+TC166
Thermocouple cable 16/3, M+FTC163
Thermocouple cable 16/4, M+FTC164
Thermocouple cable 16/5, M+FTC165
Thermocouple cable 16/6, M+FTC166
Heating cable 16/3, M+FHeating163
Heating cable 16/4, M+FHeating164
Heating cable 16/5, M+FHeating165
Heating cable 16/6, M+FHeating166


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