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Brass Heaters

Coiled heater pressed in brass with thermocouple type J, power 230V
NameD (mm)L (mm)Watts (W)Thermocouple
BH.091.062.2509.162250type J
BH.091.102.2509.1102250type J
BH.091.132.3009.1132300type J
BH.091.180.3009.1180300type J
BH.106.030.20010.630200type J
BH.106.070.22010.670250type J
BH.110.064.20011.064200type J
BH.110.073.30011.073300type J
BH.110.084.25011.084250type J
BH.110.094.25011.094250type J
BH.110.103.30011.0103300type J
BH.110.113.30011.0113300type J
BH.110.173.25011.0173250type J

* Available custom production according to your dimentions.

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