Water Temperature Units

• Voltage 400/3/50-60/PE • PID temperature control • Pump works under pressure and reverse sense (water units with tank) • Indirect cooling system • Solid State Relays (SSR) • Automatic water feeding • Security thermostat • Stainless steel tank and heaters • Hose break and leakage monitor • Sensor failure monitor

T max (°C)

Volume (l)Pump (l/min)Heating (kW)Cooling (kW)Pump (bar)Type
SMART W12 3D9012603403.5Display
SMART W12 6D9012606403.5Display
SMART W12 9D9012609403.5Display
SMART W12 3T9012603403.5Touch
SMART W12 6T9012606403.5Touch
SMART W12 9T9012609403.5Touch
SMART W20 6D9020606403.5Display
SMART W20 9D9020609403.5Display
SMART W20 12D90206012403.5Display
SMART W20 18D90206018403.5Display
SMART W20 6T9020606403.5Touch
SMART W20 9T9020609403.5Touch
SMART W20 12T90206012403.5Touch
SMART W20 18T90206018403.5Touch
SMART W35 18D903560 (*200)1840 (*235)3.5 (*5.8)Display
SMART W35 18T903560 (*200)1840 (*235)3.5 (*5.8)Touch
SMART W35 24T903560 (*200)2440 (*235)3.5 (*5.8)Touch
SMART W35 30T903560 (*200)3040 (*235)3.5 (*5.8)Touch
SMART W70 18T90702001880 (*450)5.8Touch
SMART W70 24T90702002480 (*450)5.8Touch
SMART W70 30T90702003080 (*450)5.8Touch
SMART W70 36T90702003680 (*450)5.8Touch


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