Oil Temperature Units

• Voltage 400/3/50-60/PE • PID temperature control • Hose break and leakage monitor • Sensor failure monitor • Tank and heaters made of stainless steel • Indirect cooling system • Security thermostat • Acoustic alarm • Solid State Relays (SSR)
ModelT max (°C)Volume (l)Pump (l/min)Heating (kW)Cooling (kW)Pump (bar)Type
SMART O20 6D20020606203.5Display
SMART O20 9D20020609203.5Display
SMART O20 6T20020606203.5Touch
SMART O20 9T20020609203.5Touch
SMART O35 18D2003560 (*200)18403.5 (*5.8)Display
SMART O35 18T2003560 (*200)18403.5 (*5.8)Touch
SMART O35 24T2003560 (*200)24403.5 (*5.8)Touch
SMART O35 30T2003560 (*200)30403.5 (*5.8)Touch
SMART O70 18T 2007020018805.8Touch
SMART O70 24T2007020024805.8Touch
SMART O70 30T2007020030805.8Touch

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